Can Thieves Open Any Type of Lock?

Can Thieves Open Any Type of Lock?

If you want a simple answer to the question: yes, thieves can open any type of lock, no matter how good or expensive it is. Although this might be worrying if you’re a homeowner or entrepreneur, you’re in luck because it’s not always that simple.

There are many types of locks. If you’re wondering if and how thieves can open any type of lock, you can learn about how it’s possible and how you can protect your locks from thieves by reading this article.

Types of locks and how they can be compromised

A skilled thief can open any type of mechanical lock. However, the difficulty of picking the lock will depend on the door lock’s quality and other security features. Since they are mechanical locks, thieves can always find a way to reverse engineer the door lock and find any vulnerabilities that they can take advantage of.

A good indicator of how easily a thief can compromise your lock is looking at the ANSI security grade for locks: Grade 3 for basic security for homes, Grade 2 has better security and is suited for businesses, and Grade 1 for larger buildings that need top-notch security.

Thieves can also open electronic locks. It’s possible, especially if the network that your electronic locks are connected to isn’t secure. Furthermore, there’s also the risk of your electronic locks malfunctioning when you lose your power source. However, some electronic locks are difficult to compromise, especially electronic door locks that use biometrics.

How you can keep your door locks secure from thieves

  • Get a high-quality door lock – All locks can be compromised, but you don’t have to make it easy for thieves. Consider getting high-quality locks made by reputable brands to ensure it won’t be easy. It may be more expensive, but getting robbed is more costly.
  • Go for additional security features – Additional security features can help guard your home against burglars. Furthermore, they can also give you peace of mind when you know your home is protected and secured. If there’s one feature that you should definitely look for, try to find a door lock with features protecting you against lockpicking and lock bumping.
  • Try biometric door locks – A good thief can crack any mechanical lock with the right tools and time. It’s the same story for electronic locks, too. But, if you’re going to go for electronic locks, consider getting one that uses biometrics for verification, as they can be hard to compromise as it needs your biometrics to use the lock.

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