Common Mistakes of Commercial Securities


It’s not just your home in Winston-Salem that requires protection from burglars and lockouts. Your office, apartment, and the building also require optimal protection from intruders.

To help you maintain the optimal security of your commercial establishments in Winston-Salem, here are the common commercial security mistakes you need to avoid.

#1 Presenting of IDs is Taken for Granted

Everyone who’s coming in and out of your office or building must present a valid company or government ID. This method is for record keeping and to monitor the people accessing the establishment. With that, you’re reducing the risk of unauthorized entry into your building, office, or store.

#2 Forgetting to Secure All Entrances

It could be that your building has two or more entrances and exit points, right? To ensure there are no burglars can enter, inspect and secure all those entrances. Perform a tour around the building to inspect all the access points.

#3 Don’t just focus on maintaining the aesthetics of your building

It’s never a bad idea to beautify your building yet don’t  compromise the  security because it’ll make your commercial establishment vulnerable. Even when the external cameras you installed outside are visible and will reduce the beauty of your place still, security measures are more important.

#4 Installing surveillance cameras without understanding how it works

It’s an excellent idea to install CCTV cameras outside and inside your establishment but you need to understand its mechanism. Understanding how it works is critical so that you know how to maintain it, and troubleshoot any technical problem in the future. if you know how it works, you can customize the viewing angle or operation of those CCTV cameras.

#5 Not Securing Rooms and Storages that contain High-Value Items

Even if it’s expensive to install a high security lock or vault inside your building, it’s a worthwhile investment for security. Likewise, prioritize installing surveillance cameras in these areas.

#6 Forgetting to Maintain Your Door Locks and Access Control Systems

These high security locks and modern security systems are great to have inside your establishment since it boosts protection. failing to maintain them is also a great disadvantage.

These digital and conventional locks won’t last a lifetime without care and maintenance. Make sure to schedule maintenance once a month, or every quarter.

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