How Do Locksmiths Unlock Cars?

How Do Locksmiths Unlock Cars?

There are many scenarios where people lose access to their cars, such as losing the car keys and leaving the car keys inside the vehicle. It can also be dangerous in some scenarios, such as when you leave children or pets inside parked cars.

When locked out of your vehicle, you’re going to need the professional assistance of an auto locksmith. If you’re wondering how auto locksmiths can unlock cars, this article will teach you everything you need to know.

Why auto locksmiths

Auto locksmiths take professional training that’s highly different from the training needed by residential and commercial locksmiths. Auto locksmiths need to learn to work with different car brands, car models, ignition systems, and locking mechanisms.

6 ways auto locksmiths unlock cars

  • Reprogramming – While some recent vehicles still use mechanical keys, most modern cars have keyless entry systems. Auto locksmiths can reprogram these systems to open the vehicle without causing any damage.
  • Immobilizer re-flashing – The immobilizer verifies if the RFID chip in your car’s key matches the vehicle. It means only you and your key can start the vehicle. However, you might be locked out of your car because of a broken immobilizer. If it’s the case, auto locksmiths can re-flash the immobilizer.
  • Broken key extraction – If you inserted your key and it broke inside the cylinder, of course, you won’t be able to unlock your car. You can remove the broken pieces, but you risk causing further damage. In this case, locksmiths will extract the broken pieces and provide you with a duplicate.
  • Key analyzer and mechanical code key cutter – If your car has a keyless entry, you can ask auto locksmiths to use a key analyzer or a VATS passkey decoder to unlock the car. After that, the auto locksmiths will provide you with a new key that you can use.
  • Slim jim – The slim jim is a classic auto locksmith trick. Auto locksmiths can insert a slim jim between the glass and weather stripping in the car window to reach the lock and open the door. However, while it doesn’t look too hard, it actually is, and auto locksmiths spend a long time mastering this technique because doing it wrong can damage the car’s electrical system or the airbags.
  • J and L Tools – Auto locksmiths can also use a J or L tool to reach inside the car from the top of the window to reach the handle and unlock the car. Auto locksmiths can choose between J and L tools depending on the car model and the lock design.
Auto locksmiths can use many ways to fix car lockouts for most car brands and models. At Burnhams Locksmith LLC, we have experienced and reliable auto locksmiths who can quickly respond to car lockouts and fix your car using top-notch equipment.