How Long Does It Take a Locksmith to Create a New Keyhole in a Door?

How Long Does It Take a Locksmith to Create a New Keyhole in a Door?

If you need a new keyhole for your door, one of the best ways to make sure that your keyhole is reliable, safe, and well done is by hiring a professional locksmith to create a new keyhole in your door.

However, since it’s not that simple and requires hard work, it’s essential to know how much time to expect your locksmith will need to do your new keyhole. Read more about how long it takes a locksmith to create a new keyhole in a door.

Not all locksmiths can create keyholes

Creating a keyhole isn’t easy. If it’s easy, any locksmith can do it. But, the matter of fact is that not all locksmiths can make keyholes.

Locksmiths specialize in services involving door locks, such as installation and repair. They also take care of all things related to keys, such as replacement and rekeying.

If you’re going to make keyholes, you’ll need a bit of woodworking skill. Since not all locksmiths have this skill, you might need to contact a few locksmith companies to look for a locksmith that can actually create a keyhole.

Factors affecting how long it takes a locksmith to create a new keyhole

  • Locksmith’s skill – Better locksmiths will always do an excellent job without taking too much time. So, if you have a highly-trained and experienced locksmith that you can rely on, you can ask them to create your new keyhole.

    Furthermore, for locksmiths to create a keyhole, they’ll also need to have some woodworking skills. If a locksmith creates a keyhole without the proper skills or knowledge, it’ll most likely take more time.

  • Type of lock – Depending on the type of lock, the type or size of the keyhole you need can differ. Of course, each type will affect the amount of time of creating a keyhole.

  • Type of door – The type of door that you’ll put a keyhole on will have an effect, too. Since doors can have different types of material, working with them can be different, too, as some materials need the locksmith’s technique to adjust to ensure that the keyhole is created properly and the door will not be damaged.

  • Location of the door – The door’s location matters a lot, too. If the door is located in a spot in your house that’s a bit tight or exposed to the weather, it can make it harder for the locksmith to create the keyhole.

Make sure your keyhole is created properly

A poorly designed keyhole gives a bad look to your door. Furthermore, it can also cause your door lock not to work correctly or malfunction in the long run. To have your keyhole designed and created by top-notch locksmiths, Burnhams Locksmith LLC will help you out.