How To Remove a Broken Key


A broken key that’s stuck on the lock can be due to its brittleness, or a quick sudden twist of your key. When this happens, don’t be too optimistic about extracting it on your own especially if you don’t have the proper tools and experience.

Your best choice is to call for a locksmith in Winston-Salem, and Burnhams Locksmith LLC is here for you!

Here are some tips on how you can try extracting your broken key from the lock.


 This one is the most common approach yet be reminded that not all tweezers have a thin metal. This method is most suitable if there’s a protruding metal from your key which is stuck inside the lock.

Key Extractor Tool

This is a specialized toolset that comes at an expensive price. You will insert the key extractor inside the keyway and try to hook the key’s teeth on the extractor tool. Once you’ve successfully done that, slowly twist and pull the key out from the cylinder.

Hacksaw Blade

This one is an improvised key extractor tool but make sure to use a thin hacksaw blade. Break your hacksaw blade using nose pliers, and attach the serrated part of the saw to a thin metal sheet that fits inside the keyway.

The teeth of the saw will be used to hook the teeth of your key to be extracted. It works similarly to the original key extractor blade.

Super Glue

This one is a non-invasive method of extracting your stuck key but gives little chance for pulling the key out. use super glue and find something where the protruding part of your key can stick unto. Give enough drying time before trying to pull it out.

Shaking the Lock Cylinder

This method provides little chance that you can shake off the stuck key, but you can still try this one.

Call A Locksmith!

Burnhams Locksmith LLC is your emergency locksmith service in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. We quickly respond to emergencies like stuck keys, lockouts, and lost keys.

If you’re not confident of extracting your stuck keys, call us immediately. We will be there at your location in 15-40 minutes.