Locksmithing: Can Lockpicks Really Pick Locks in Seconds, As Often Depicted on Shows?

Locksmithing: Can Lockpicks Really Pick Locks in Seconds, As Often Depicted on Shows?

In movies, especially in action movies, you might be used to criminals and bad guys picking a lock open in seconds. It’s like magic, right?

Of course, you’ve probably wondered if lockpicks can really pick locks within seconds. However, it’s not that straightforward, as lockpicks can’t just pick all types of locks within seconds. Many factors contribute to the amount of time it takes for a lock to be picked.

If you’re wondering how they’re able to pick locks this quickly, this article will explain everything you need to know.

Factors in how long a lockpick takes to pick door locks

  • Condition – A door lock’s condition affects how long a lockpick will need to open the lock because newer locks that are newly manufactured still have high-quality material.

    Of course, the older the lock is, its condition can deteriorate. The lock can get weaker, the mechanisms inside can get damaged, and it can also get corroded. When the lock’s condition is not at its best, lockpicks will find it easier to crack door locks.

  • Type of lock – The type of door lock matters because every kind of door lock has varying security levels. For example, a cheap door knob lock doesn’t take much effort to pick. However, a premium door knob made by a trusted brand is another story.

    Another example is why people use deadbolts in addition to their doorknobs, as they provide another level of security that’s harder to pick than a doorknob, especially double-cylinder deadbolts.

  • Complexity and security rating – Each lock has its own level of security. Furthermore, door locks can also have additional security features that make them more secure than other locks. Some door locks can even have lockpicking protection to prevent lockpicks from opening their locks.

    If you want to know the complexity and security rating of your door lock, you can refer to the ANSI security grade, with 1 being the most secure and 3 being the least secure.

  • Tools – Lockpicking requires some lockpicking tools. If you want to achieve better results by picking more locks and picking them at a quicker time, you’re going to need better lockpicking tools and equipment.

  • Training and experience – Being a lockpick isn’t easy, so if you want to be good, you need training. Training helps because it gives the technique necessary to pick different types of locks. Furthermore, experienced lockpicks have a better mastery of lockpicking, which helps a lot in terms of picking different types of locks in the quickest time possible.

In conclusion, lockpicks can pick locks within seconds, like in the movies. But, it’s not like that all the time. If you need a locksmith to pick your lock, or you need locks with anti-lockpicking protection, call Burnhams Locksmith LLC.