Methods for Door Lock Longevity


Your door locks might be strong and functional yet it ages through time. To ensure its longevity, you need to apply maintenance, especially for your electronic smart door locks.

In case your door locks stopped working or a key is stuck on the keyhole,  calling a locksmith is your best choice. Burnhams Locksmith LLC is available for your lock and key concerns in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas.

Here are some tips on how you can efficiently maintain the function and looks of your conventional and electronic door locks.

#1 Check if your door is properly hung

Your door lock will function well if the door is properly hung. Otherwise, a sagging door puts a lot of pressure on your door lock. This contributes to the fast aging or malfunction of your door locks.

#2 Inspect the Strikeplate and Door Screws

To ensure your door is firmly attached to the door frame, your door screws must be 3” long. Likewise, you also need to check on the strike plate if it’s properly installed.

#3 Periodically check the function of your deadbolt and deadlatch

The deadlatch must accurately align with the strike plate so that it can securely hold your door in a close position. Inspect if there are any technical problems when you’re using your deadbolts.

For a single cylinder deadbolt, ensure the thumb turn is smoothly working while for a double cylinder deadbolt, your keys can seamlessly go through the keyhole and twist.

#4 Schedule your door lock cleaning

Use a damp and clean cloth for wiping any dust outside your door lock. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to wipe off the dust on the buttons or LCD screen of your smart locks.

#5 Lubricate It

After cleaning the outside part of your door locks, lubricate the inside components so that it smoothly works. This also prevents lockout problems in the future.

#6 Duplicate your keys

Create copies of your keys so that you can still access your door locks any time.

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