Types of Car Keys


There are many car brands, models, and types out there, and there are many types of car keys. Why do you need to know about them? It’s to know if there are features and characteristics you don’t know about your keys yet.It helps a lot to know what type your key is if you need to call a locksmith due to car key and lock problems.

If you want to know more about car keys, here are some of the types of car keys used by most car brands and models.

Standard mechanical-cut key

The standard and typical cylinder keys started it all Standard keys are designed to properly fit into the cylinder. With this type of lock, it won’t unlock unless the key perfectly matches it.

This type of key is cheap to duplicate and repair, which should save you some money. Even if you lose your original key, locksmiths can use the lock itself to make a new copy of the key.

Transponder key

Unlike standard car keys, transponder keys are  modern and offer more in terms of security. With this type of key, electronic transponder chips are built onto the head of the key. When inserted into the lock or ignition, the chip sends a unique code and tries to match it to the car.

Using a similar car transponder key for different vehicles with the same brand and model won’t work, as each vehicle has a unique code.

Laser-cut key

This type of key is a lot like standard keys. With it being laser-cut instead of machine-cut, it makes keys more precise with very distinct patterns that make it more difficult for thieves to pick. If anyone tries to get a duplicate  without your knowledge requires  locksmiths to create it with special equipment.

Smart key

Smart keys offer a lot of benefits in security and convenience. If you and your key are near your car, the car will disable its immobilizer. Once you’re near, unlocking, locking, and starting your car can be done with a simple push of a button.

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