What Are Key Safes and Why You Need Them


Since not many people use them, most people don’t know what key safes are,  the security and convenience they offer in one package. Basically, it’s a small metal box that you can attach to a concrete wall of your property where you can store the keys to your property.

If key safes are new to you and you’re wondering what you can use them for, here’s what key safes are and why you need them installed at your property.

Why you need a key safe

Well, there are multiple reasons that you might need a key safe. Here are some of them:

  • If you’re someone who likes hiding your key in a spot outside your property,you should know that  it isn’t that safe, as other people might find your key and get inside your property. With a key safe, you can have a key saved outside your home, but in a safer place this time.
  • If you need other people inside your property when you’re not around, you can just give the key safe to them. Make sure that these people are trustworthy.
  • If someone inside has a medical emergency and you don’t have the key, you can easily let the medical professionals inside because you can get another key from the key safe.

Things to know when installing a key safe

When installing key safe, you can’t just attach them to your wall. There are things to consider so you can maximize the benefits of a key safe:

  • Make sure you need it. Do you really need a copy of your key outside the property? Even if they are secure, there’s still a risk that comes with having a copy of your key outside.
  • Keep it out of eyesight. To ensure that people won’t to break the safe, keep it out of the eyesight of passersby.
  • Install it on a solid wall. To ensure that trespassers will have a hard time breaking into your safe, install it in a hard and , solid wall.
  • Choose a hard combination. You can do it by using a combination of numbers that are hard to guess. Not something like “1234”.


For more information about key safes, we have many affordable, high-quality key safes available for you. If you contact Burnhams Locksmith LLC, you can have a secure storage place for your keys outside your home.