What To Do When You Locked Out of Car


Being locked out of your car is a tiring situation, and it wastes so much of your time and energy. If you experience car lockout in Winston-Salem, NC, you can resolve that on your own or call an auto locksmith service.

What can you try to open your vehicle?

While waiting for your friend, relative, or locksmith to arrive and help you, here are some things you can try to unlock your car.

  • Check if all doors are locked
  • Inspect if your trunk is open
  • The last choice is calling a locksmith

Additionally, below are some life hacks you can try in unlocking your car.

String or Shoe Lace

Use a thin string or shoelace which can be inserted in between the car door and frame. Make a slip knot and let that string pass through the narrow space between your car door and frame.

Once the slip knot is inside, slowly slide it to capture the lock inside. Gradually pull it out so the slip knot tightens around the lock, then you pull it up.

Coat Hanger

Grab a wire coat hanger and bend its hook to a “V” shape then let it pass through the car door and frame. Use that bent V part in hooking up the lock to unlock your car.

Calling An Auto Locksmith Service
If none of these things worked, your last option is calling a nearby locksmith in Winston-Salem, NC. Burnhams Locksmith LLC is the leading emergency locksmith you can call for this concern. Our technicians are licensed, trained, and bonded to  performing all sorts of locksmithing works in the city. They are fully equipped with the tools and supplies needed for the job.
Quick Response

Our mobile tradesmen provide a fast response around the clock approximately 15-40 minutes. Simply call us, then we’ll gather details regarding your concern.

All of our locksmith work is guaranteed to satisfy your needs and wants plus, we offer reasonable prices all the time.

You can avail of our free estimate service anytime, either by filling out our online request form or by calling our hotline.

Burnhams Locksmith is your trusted car lockout solutions provider in Winston-Salem, NC.