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Chrysler Car Key Replacement

Chrysler Car Key Replacement


Owning a Chrysler car is an outstanding achievement as it is among the topmost sought-after American cars. Out of the state of Michigan, Chrysler has been in the market since 1925. Since the name has been known in the industry for years, it crawled up its way to be hailed as one of the “Big Three” manufacturers in the US. Chrysler car key replacement may cost you a lot of money and paperwork if you lose or misplace the keys. The good news is Burnhams Locksmith LLC which is just a phone call away for all your locksmith needs.

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Types of Chrysler Car Keys


When it comes to Chrysler key replacement, it is vital to know the various types of keys and their differences. With that said, there are two main types of Chrysler car keys: transponder key and non-transponder chip keys.

For transponder keys, the chip key must be coded for it to function while non-transponder keys, on the other hand, don’t need to code the chip keys.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Chrysler Key?


If you lose your Chrysler car keys, there are two options you can choose from. The first one is visiting a dealership for a replacement or to get a new key. Alternatively, you can also seek professional locksmiths in your local area for the same services.

Replacing a Chrysler car key can cost you anywhere between $100 and $400. In most cases, Chrysler dealerships will charge you less than the local locksmiths. You will have to tow your Chrysler car to the nearest dealership thus, the overall price will be higher because of the towing charges.

Whichever option you choose, the cost will be dependent on the factors below:

  • Your location
  • The time of day or night
  • Type of  key
  • Whether the code to cut a new key is available
  • Whether it is the original ignition or its been replaced
  • The option you choose: dealership or locksmith

How Do I Replace A Chrysler Car Key?

If you lose your Chrysler keys, in most cases, you may also be forced to change your ignition system apart from replacing the keys, among other things. If you use transponder keys and lose one, you need to replace it immediately. The old transponder key is useless after the new code has been activated to the replaced transponder key. Meaning, it won’t work if someone will use it to intrude your car.

Transponder keys and remote keys are known as key fobs or push-to-start keys. As mentioned above, they have to be programmed as per your Chrysler model. You may choose DIY at home but it is not a good idea as you may get some things wrong and mess it up.

Whether you tow your car to a Chrysler dealership or a locksmith company, the procedure for replacing the lost car key is the same. In most cases, they will need access to your car information, after which they will cut the key then program it as per your car model.

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Chrysler Car Key?


Although replacing a car key takes anywhere between 10- 30 minutes, the initial processes take more time. First, the technicians should cut the key that can match your car type and ignition. After this, they then proceed to program a code for your key to operate the car.

Once you contact Burnhams Locksmith LLC, our technicians will come to your location as soon as possible. Once they examine your car and determine what the problem is and how to correct it, they will give you a free price quotation. It can help you know the overall pricing of the replacement.

After that, they will proceed to create a new Chrysler car key using high-quality programming equipment. Our team is professional and efficient, and they will complete the process in a matter of minutes. Thus, your car will be fully functional within no time and your schedule will be barely interrupted.

We also assist in emergency lockout cases, and we are available in emergency, so do not hesitate to reach out to us any time you experience Chrysler car key issues

How Do I Replace a Chrysler Lost Car Key?

If you choose to work with a dealership, you need to tow your car or send your card details. You can also order the responding car key or remote online. Once your car is at the dealers’ site, they will access its information online before cutting the key and inserting the transponder. Chrysler dealerships are busy, so you will have to schedule beforehand.

If you choose to call a locksmith, they will be at your location in no time. Most locksmiths carry the machines to help them cut and program your new keys. You can also ask them before they come to your place to be safe.

While dealerships charge less for replacing lost Chrysler car keys, the total amount spent is higher due to towing fees. On the other hand, locksmiths will charge you less as they come to your location.

Can the Dealership Provide a New Chrysler Car Key?

Dealerships provide Chrysler car key replacement services, and they can give you a new car key. A common misconception of car owners as they thought they will spend less due to the dealer’s more straightforward access to your car’s information. On the contrary, you are likely to spend more money.

The reason is that you must pay for your car to be towed to the nearest dealership. If you contact Burnhams Locksmith LLC, our technicians will come to your location in no time. We have a wide range of top-notch equipment that will aid us to cut and program your key immediately. We will give you a free price quotation before we start the project.

If your car is an older model that dates back to 10 years ago or more, the dealership may not be able to retrieve the information in their systems. Your only option is to contact a locksmith company for help. They will access the database and replace your Chrysler key no matter what model or year it was manufactured.

Can I Replace Chrysler Car Keys Using VIN?

VIN stands for a Vehicle Identification Number, which is a unique set of characters that Chrysler dealerships or locksmiths can use to identify your car in their system. If you have your VIN, it will be effortless for the locksmiths to access information about your car in the database. Once this is done, they will use the information to create a code for your key fobs and remotes so that you can access your car. Although this is not the only way to replace lost Chrysler car keys, it is fast and efficient.

Do I Need the Original Chrysler Car Key for Replacement?

Original car keys are not required for car key replacements to all brands. The dealership or locksmith will connect special programming machines to Chrysler’s computer to program a new code. After the coding process is successful, you will have a key with a new code and, all the other existing keys will become useless.

If you have a key, but you need a spare key, the locksmiths will create a transponder from the existing keys.

Replacing Chrysler keys will cost you a significant amount of money. Ensure that while you are at it, you create an extra set of keys. This will save you money and you don’t have to waste much time replacing them.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Program a New Chrysler Car Key?

At Burnhams Locksmith LLC, we offer a wide variety of locksmith services. One of these is the key programming of the Chrysler Car Key. Whether you are using newer or older models, our professional auto locksmiths are very capable of cutting and programming a new Chrysler car key.

All you need to do is contact us with the details of your location, car model, and VIN  when you lose or misplace your Chrysler car keys. We will give you our price cost for all the services you need.

Once we reach an agreement, we will send a team with all the required equipment to your location and start the process. Once our professional locksmiths access your car, they will connect the programming machine to your car’s computer. After that, they will create a new code for a brand new key.

If the program is complete, they will create a chip for the transponder keys, car remotes, and key fob. It may require them to change your ignition to match the new key, and if this is the case, our team is fully qualified for the task.

We can also make duplicate keys for your Chrysler car. If you misplace your original key, you can use the duplicates before you find the original ones. You will save money as you will not be forced to replace the keys.

What Are The Other Car Key Services I Can Avail in Burnhams Locksmith LLC?


Burnhams Locksmith LLC is a renowned automotive locksmith. We offer you a wide range of car key services not just for Chrysler models but other models as well. Did your keys break in the ignition, or for a reason you can’t explain, it’s not working correctly? If so, we are the right company to contact. Moreover, we are also available anytime, you can call us in case of an emergency lockout. Keyprogramming and enjoy our fair prices.


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