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Fiat Car Key Replacement

Fiat Car Key Replacement

Fiat is the third-largest automotive manufacturer. Many people across the world own Fiat cars. Forsome natural reason, it is prevalent for people to misplace things. Therefore, it is no surprise when a person loses their keys, and they find themselves in need of Fiat car key replacement.

If you are accustomed to your car, it is a great inconvenience if you lose the keys. You will be forced to reschedule or even cancel meetings and appointments. This is why we, at Burnhams locksmith LLC are available to replace your lost car keys or perform other services that may be disturbing.

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What Are The Different Types of Fiat Car Key?

Depending on how old your car model, Fiat cars use various types of car keys. The older Fiat models use the standard car keys that are used to lock and unlock the car. Some use Fiat transponder keys, key fobs, and key remotes. These modern keys are a result of technological advancement, and they require to be programmed into your car.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Fiat Car Key?

The standard cost of replacing a Fiat key starts from $120. This price will be a bit higher or lower depending on the factors below:

Dealership or locksmith

Although Fiat dealerships may quote lower prices than professional locksmiths, the total cost of the whole process will be more expensive. The reason is that you will have to incur towing charges but, locksmiths, they will just send a team to your location.

Time and Location

You are likely to pay more money if you seek key replacement services. If you need key repair services away from dealers or locksmiths., the car key replacement will be more expensive than those who live nearer.

Type of key

Standard car keys do not require any programming; thus, you will only be charged the cutting cost. However, a transponder key, car remote, and key fobs need programming; thus, you will be charged more.

Do I Need the Original Fiat Car Key for Replacement?

You don’t need your original car key for the replacement process whenever you visit our car key replacement shop. If you lost your Fiat car keys, the dealership or a professional locksmith can replace the key for you without asking for your original key.

Once you contact your local locksmith, they will require details about your car to know the exact services you need. They will ask you the year your vehicle was manufactured, and the model name. Part of the information they need is to know if your car needs a key to start the ignition or not.

Once you confirm the details, the team will carry all the equipment they need for Fiat car key replacement. After arriving at your site, they will cut a key that is suitable for your car. If you use a transponder key, they will program the chip that enables it to operate the car. Thus, the process is fast, and it is completed in minutes, and your car is back on the road.

Can I Replace My Fiat Car Key Remote?

You can definitely replace your Fiat car key remote. Although you may have a fully functioning car key, you may find that you have misplaced or broken your car key remote. To some people, it is an inconvenience as they use their car key hand in hand with the remote.

It is important to duplicate your car key remote and replace it. It will allow you to use your car again even if you lose the key, or it’s stolen. Burnhams Locksmith LLC offers remote key replacement services for various car models such as Fiat 500.

Our locksmith technicians are available around the clock, and once contacted, they arrive on site within the shortest time. They are also fast and efficient, and they will replace your car key remote within minutes so that your schedule is not affected.

Lastly, they can help you duplicate your new car key remote. You will have a spare car key remote in case you lose or misplace it. Thus, you can save the money used for car key replacement.

Can the Dealership Provide a New Fiat Car Key?

A Fiat dealership can provide a new key in case of theft or loss. The dealers will probably charge you a very high cost. It is a waste of money because you can get a key replacement from a locksmith at a lower price.

Dealerships will quote a lower charge than locksmiths for a new Fiat car key. This higher costing is caused by the towing fees as you must take your car to their site. On the other hand, locksmiths transport their equipment to your car site, which prevents additional costs.

Burnhams locksmiths are highly qualified and use top-notch types of equipment to cut keys and program codes so that you get a brand new Fiat key. Our lines are always open so you can reach out to them at any time and inquire about the services you need.

Can Burnhams Locksmith Help Replace or Repair Fiat Car Key Ignition?

If you notice that you are trying so hard to move or turn your Fiat car ignition, then you should seek a locksmith’s help. One of the primary reasons for this problem is the incompatibility of the key you are using. You may be using a different key other than your Fiat car key. 

Your ignition may behave that way due to locked steering. It is also common for the ignition to malfunction when a key breaks while still in it. All these situations require you to seek the services of a locksmith for repairs.

In case you experience ignition problems with your Fiat car, reach out to Burnhams locksmith. Our services are not only limited to a key replacement but also help you to repair car key ignition issues. These instances are hard to solve alone especially if you’re on the road so have a reliable locksmith to assist you.

Our team will carefully check the condition of your ignition before we proceed to the next steps. We advise you on repairing or replacing your fiat ignition depending on its condition.

Can I Replace Fiat Car Key Fob?

A key fob is a wireless gadget with a code that allows you to use it to control your car. If you are pressing the right buttons on the key fob, but your car is not responding appropriately, then it means you need to replace your key fob. 

A professional locksmith will program your car and change the details to accept the new fob key. After that, they will hand you a new fob key so that you don’t struggle about which smart key to press for the response you need.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Provide Emergency Car Key services?

Who do you seek help from if your car key refuses to open the door or your ignition fails while you are in the middle of the road? Burnhams Locksmith LLC is your go-to company for such services. 

Our technicians are a phone call away, and they will come to your rescue as soon as you contact us. They are fast and efficient, and they will solve your emergency in a matter of minutes so that you can go back to your daily routine. That way, we can help you save the money you would have paid for your car to be towed.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Program a New Fiat Car Key?

Whether your Fiat car key was lost or stolen, Burnhams Locksmiths LLC can replace car keys within minutes. The process is straightforward as you will only wait for a short time, and your car will be fully functional and ready to drive.

Once our technicians identify the type and design of key your car needs, they will proceed to cut it. If it is a basic car key, you are good to go, but for the modern transponder keys, car key remotes, and key fobs, there is another step involved. 

The next method for the above keys requires programming skills. Our technicians are fully qualified, and they will program a chip for your transponder key, code the onboard computer and use the new code for the key fobs and remotes.

It is a bit hard to find a good company that offers genuine affordable Fiat car keys replacement. Therefore, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing high-quality services at an affordable price. By choosing Burhams Locksmith LLC, you don’t have to break a bank to repair or replace your Fiat car keys.

What Are The Other Services I Can Avail in Burhams Locksmith?

Burnhams Locksmith LLC technicians are available around the clock, and we offer other services apart from auto keys replacement. We also provide the installation of locks in residential homes. If you need a highly secure safe, we can create and program one for you.

Apart from replacing Fiat car keys, we also cut and replace keys for other types of vehicles. So, feel free to reach out to us today for all your locks and key needs at any time of day or night,


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